Automation Execution

iTMS allow executing automation test for BDD ticket immediately or scheduling an automation test at a specific time. The report will be sent to user via Slack or Microsoft team channel which are configured by user.

Use can use iTMS headless browser or specify a cloud testing service (selenium grid) link to perform test.  

Create automation suite

An automation suite can contains one or more BDD ticket. Select Automation Execution in menu and create a automation suite

Add BDD ticket to suite by button Add BDD Ticket and select ticket in list.

Direct Execution

The test can be executed at present which allows quickly investigating the issues that cause failure for their automation tests. The following steps present how to run a test case immediately:

1. At Test Execution panel, turn of the toggle schedule (it’s turned off by default).

2. Choose the browser, screen resolution and environment and then hit the button “Execute” to run automation test

3. Expand the Automation Status section to view the status of automation execution

  • If the job is running, the status is Running and you can click Console Log to watch the running progress.


4. Once the automation test is run completed, user can view the report in the HTML format by selecting link “View Result” 

Schedule an Automation test

Many organizations need run their automated tests during off-hours, when the load on the machines and the network won’t interfere with the daily work of the staff. Therefore, iTMS also supports users to launch test automatically at anytime that they want.

1. At Test Execution panel, turn on the toggle “Schedule Test” and you will see the section “Schedule”

2. On section “Schedule”, automation test can be scheduled to run one time per day or many times per day. After that, you select the browser, screen resolution and environment to run the test. You can also choose a test cycle in Cycle Configuration to push your automation test result to a specific cycle.

Notification configuration

Instead of opening every test case to see the result after running, you can quickly obtain it by setting notification on iTMS. We supports users to receive results via email, Slack and Microsoft Teams channel.

When: define which status of the test will be notified

By email: email option to be selected to send test result to. You need provide email address that you want to get the result.

By app: application option to be selected to send test result to. When you want to connect iTMS to Slack or Microsoft Teams channel, it is required to add URL of that channel to iTMS.

Click “here” link to open configuration pop up.

Submit test result to test cycle

An automation suite must be added into a test cycle before submitting the result:

Go to Cycle, open cycle that you want to add the suit into. Click Add Automation Suites and select the suite in the list;

Now back to the automation suite detail, click submit button next to view button and select the cycle

Note: you only can submit one result for one automation suite. Make sure to choose the correct result that you want to submit to a cycle.

The Status of automation suite is the result of the automation report